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Fitzcarraldo Editions Essay Prize opens, with prize of £3,000

The Fitzcarraldo Editions Essay Prize is an annual competition for unpublished writers and is open until 14 March 2022.

Fragile tensions and acid humour—Marching Season, by Rosemary Jenkinson

Marching Season, by Rosemary Jenkinson (Arlen House)—Fragile tensions and acid humour.

It Rose Up—a rare collection of Irish fantasy

Part lecture series, part short story collection, Tramp Press once again backs authors defying and subverting form with this academic but accessible read.

On Dangerous Ground—history with heart

John Kirkaldy recommends On Dangerous Ground as a moving and vivid memoir.

Sex, consumption, grief, and insecure attachments—Liz Quirke on Eat or We...

Mäda Primavesi (ca. 1912–1913) by Gustav Klimt. Original from The MET Museum. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel Eat or...

The New Girl—beautiful lessons and an empathetic guide

"A timely and crucial novel"—Riley Earle on The New Girl, by Sinéad Moriarty.

Kate O’Brien Award shortlist announced

Kate O'Brien Award shortlist announced.

Susan McKeever chooses books to nourish and sustain

Susan McKeever chooses books which sustain.

January events at The Linen Hall

January events at The Linen Hall, Belfast.

Careers for Girls—role models for dreaming big

Author Anne Daly talks about her book Careers for Girls, which offers role models for girls to dream big.
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