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Monthly bestsellers—FICTION

1. Aisling Ever After

Author: McLysaght, Emer & Breen, Sarah
Publisher: Gill Books
Volume: 8,458
ISBN: 9780717182671

2. Camino Royale

Author: O'Carroll-Kelly, Ross
Publisher: Sandycove
Volume: 5,204
ISBN: 9781844886272

3. The Trap

Author: Howard, Catherine Ryan
Publisher: Bantam (Transworld)
Volume: 4,15
ISBN: 9781787636613

4. No One Saw a Thing

Author: Mara, Andrea
Publisher: Bantam (Transworld)
Volume: 3,982
ISBN: 9781787636514

5. The Bee Sting

Author: Murray, Paul
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton
Volume: 3,438
ISBN: 9780241353967

6. It Ends With Us

Author: Hoover, Colleen
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Volume: 2,840
ISBN: 9781471156267

7. It Starts with Us

Author: Hoover, Colleen
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Volume: 2,722
ISBN: 9781398518209

8. Kala

Author: Walsh, Colin
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Volume: 2,325
ISBN: 9781838958756

9. Lessons in Chemistry

Author: Garmus, Bonnie
Publisher: Penguin (Transworld)
Volume: 2,241
ISBN: 9781804990926

10. So Late in the Day

Author: Keegan, Claire
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Volume: 2,237
ISBN: 9780571382019

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