Home Events Book Launch: Proposition, 23 Jan

Book Launch: Proposition, 23 Jan

PROPOSITION by ARNIE YASINSKI published by 21st Century Renaissance

Thursday 23 Jan 2020, 6.30pm

A performance of some jazz standards by the RDS Singers will open the evening.

21st Century Renaissance is delighted to launch the debut collection of an American poet, Arnie Yasinski, born in 1948 and now living in Ireland with his Irish wife.  Written over 20 years we find Arnie playing pool as a teenager with a wounded veteran in the VA town where he lived, then married at 19, divorced, and living through the inescapable mid-life crisis. Now living in Ireland with his Irish wife, he’s more conscious than ever of the inevitable. Full of longing, quintessentially male, honest, and aware, these poems will bear reading again and again.  Arnie’s Yasinski’s proposition is uncompromising: this is him, as he is, unique yet a refraction of all men.  

As one of the higher apes,
libido smoldering like the map
of the Ponderosa, thinking
the fry cook looks like the lout
who held me down in fourth grade
for Linda Burman to kiss,
I can’t help but be aroused
by a woman in the next booth,
who says, “To a man, his…

                                                      from the poem “Proposition” by Arnie Yasinski