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Books Ireland Flash Fiction— submissions open

Books Ireland Flash Fiction

Deadline 28th February

If the short story is a kiss in the dark from a stranger—to steal the words of Stephen King—then flash fiction is a glance across a room.

Well, maybe it’s not, as there are as many styles of flash as there are short stories, from the formally avant-garde to the traditional narrative with a beginning, middle and end.

We are looking for all sorts: the bright and beautiful; the gleaming gem of a reflection or observation; the dark and disturbing; the thing that just is its own thing and can’t be put in any kind of arbitrary box.

The only essential is that it must be good, and by good this means a voice we pay attention to and believe in (or not, if your narrator is, say, a duplicitous narcissist with a tendency to self pity, or a fifteenth century Queen with a twisted heart).

Poetic, epistolary, discursive, historical, speculative, cinematic, theatrical, whichever way it comes, do send us your best work, and we will publish selected stories in Books Ireland. The deadline is 28th February.

Five hundred words is the upper limit, with no lower limit.

Writing short is an art; to paraphrase Pascal, maybe Twain, and God knows who else, “I would have made it shorter, but I didn’t have the time.”

Good luck!


  • Deadline for submissions is 28th February, 2022.
  • We welcome previously unpublished submissions from anyone, anywhere.
  • Unpublished means not published in print, online, or on a personal blog.
  • Word count has an upper limit of 500 words; there is no minimum word count.
  • Any font or style is fine, as long as it is clear.
  • Please send your story to flashfiction@wordwell.ie.
  • Please send your story as an attachment, and also pasted in the body of your email. 
  • Selected stories will be published in Books Ireland magazine.   
  • Any stories with inflammatory, racist, or sexist material, or content we consider damaging or inappropriate will be rejected.
  • All submissions are read and we aim to reply to each one in a timely fashion. Owing to the volume of emails, feedback or personal comment will not be provided on individual stories.
  • Copyright remains with the author, but we reserve the right to publish accepted stories in any future Books Ireland anthology.