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Bookshop.org launches in the UK

Bookshop.org is an online bookshop with a mission to financially support local, independent bookshops. Launching in the UK today, Nov 2, with over 130 independent booksellers and affiliates signed up and more to follow this will be a major development in the hard-hit book sector and a welcome support to the booksellers struggling under lockdown restrictions. It marks a significant challenge to the Amazon bookselling empire.

Bookshop.org aim to create an easy, convenient way to order books while supporting independent bookshops and publishers. First founded in the US, the online US bookshop has raised over 7.5 million USD in sales to day. Bookshop is a B-Corp – a corporation dedicated to the public good – and their business model means that 75% of the profit margin goes to stores, publications, authors, and all involved in the publication of a book.

“Thanks to Bookshop, there is no reason to buy books on Amazon anymore.”— Inside Hook

“Bookshop.org hopes to play Rebel Alliance to Amazon’s Empire.”— Chicago Tribune

The website is open officially open for business, go forth and support!