Bumper crop of new titles for September—First Flush

First Flush is out for September! First Flush is the Books Ireland selection of all Irish-published and Irish-interest books released every month. Now fully searchable.

It’s a bigger list than ever—here are just a few of the titles you can get your mitts on…check the listings for titles in every genre.


Old Ireland in Colour 2, John Breslin and Sarah-Anne Buckley (Merrion Press)

In Old Ireland in Colour 2, the much-anticipated sequel to their beloved bestseller, John Breslin and Sarah-Anne Buckley have dug even deeper into Ireland’s historical archives to uncover captivating photographic gems to bring to life using a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, historical research and expert colourisation.


Baby Teeth, by Meg Grehan (Little Island)

The blood feeds the hunger that threatens everything.

It starts when Claudia offers her a yellow rose. Immy has been in love before – many times, across many lifetimes. But never as deeply, as intensely as this.

Claudia has never been in love like this before either. But then, this is her first time with a vampire. The forbidden thirst for blood runs deep in Immy. And within her mind clamour the voices, of all the others she has been, their desires, and their wrongs. A unique verse novel by the award-winning author of The Deepest Breath and The Space Between.


Syncopated Blue, Ryan Hennessy (Gill Books)

Ryan Hennessy started writing poems as a young boy. As lead singer of Picture This, Ryan’s songwriting reveals the unguarded spirit of a young man unafraid to wear his heart on his leopard-print sleeve. In his first book of poetry, Ryan reveals his natural gifts of self-expression to cover topics such as love, relationships, growing up and identity.


Wunderland, Caitríona Lally (New Island)

Atmospheric, humorous and ultimately uplifting, Wunderland is a brilliantly wrought dual character study that sensitively wrestles family and mental health, identity and the erasure of self.

Freckles, Cecelia Ahern (Harper Collins)

Allegra Bird’s arms are scattered with freckles, a gift from her beloved father. But despite her nickname, Freckles has never been able to join all the dots. So when a stranger tells her that everyone is the average of the five people they spend the most time with, it opens up something deep inside.

The trouble is, Freckles doesn’t know if she has five people. And if not, what does that say about her? She’s left her unconventional father and her friends behind for a bold new life in Dublin, but she’s still an outsider.

Now, in a quest to understand, she must find not one but five people who shape her – and who will determine her future.

Told in Allegra’s vivid, original voice, moving from modern Dublin to the fierce Atlantic coast, this is an unforgettable story of human connection, of friendship, and of growing into your own skin.

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