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Burning Books—author Andrew Meehan

Burning Books—with Andrew Meehan

For the latest episode of Burning Books, we teamed up with the wonderful Dublin Book Festival to bring you one of Ireland’s most exciting authors—Andrew Meehan.

Andrew’s first novel, One Star Awake, was published to much critical acclaim, and was long listed for the 2018 Desmond Elliott Prize. His second book (a Burning Books choice of Martina Devlin), The Mystery of Love, is a moving and unique reimagining of the relationship between Oscar and Constance Wilde.

His latest book, an intense and beautiful love story, Instant Fires, is out now with New Island.

Tune in to Burning Books to hear him talk to Ruth McKee about, well, pretty much everything from sadness to pleasure, from death to love—and to the sense of an ending that as a writer he is forever trying to write towards.

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