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First Flush—books published in December and January 2022!

First Flush is out not just for December 2021, but for January 2022 too!

First Flush is the Books Ireland selection of all Irish-published and Irish-interest books released every month. Now fully searchable.

December is traditionally a quieter month for publishing, with books already on the shelves for Christmas and the holiday season, but there are nevertheless some lovely titles, including a special edition of The Art of the Glimpse—an anthology of Irish short stories, selected by Sinead Gleeson.

In January there is much clapping (but perhaps not evangelical clapping) in anticipation of the release of Jan Carson‘s The Raptures, and there comes a first dive into fiction from journalist Edel Coffey with her debut Breaking Point.

There’s much more to browse through over the last few months too, so why not check back to earlier this year to see what you’ve missed, you never know, you might find just the right book present for someone in your life…

See all new books this month, and search previous months in First Flush here.