Home News HarperCollins Ireland lands Sinéad Brady’s Total Reset

HarperCollins Ireland lands Sinéad Brady’s Total Reset

HarperCollins Ireland has acquired Sinéad Brady’s Total Reset—a guide to resetting your relationship with work

Catherine Gough, Commissioning Editor at HarperCollins Ireland bought world all language rights to Total Reset from Sinéad Brady

People are unhappy, disengaged, burnt out and overwhelmed due to our current work culture, according to Sinéad Brady, who is a leading career psychologist. The defining idea of our times is that our careers are the most important aspects of our lives and should matter more than anything else—but Brady believes this is harmful.

Based on emerging research, and through her work with individuals and organisations, Total Reset shares a new approach to the world of work and how we choose our careers.

Total Reset puts you back at the heart of your career, so that you can thrive, flourish and progress in life and in your career,” Brady says, “and I am privileged to partner with HarperCollins Ireland to share this knowledge with you.”

 “The past few years have afforded many of us an opportunity to confront important questions about the way we lead our lives, especially the time and energy we devote to our careers,” says publisher Conor Nagle.

“Is it worth it? Are you as present, at work or at home, as you want to be? And if not, how do you set about redressing that balance? In Total Reset, Sinéad Brady brings an extraordinary range of expertise and experience to bear on these very questions and proves over the course of ten compassionate, practical, and hopeful chapters that it’s possible for each of us to become the agent of change in our own lives. It’s difficult to conceive of a book more deeply attuned to the anxieties of our working lives – or as badly needed.”

Total Reset will be published on March 30th, 2023.