Lines of music—Jamie O’Connell on the life of the writing mind

Jamie O’Connell c. Aiden Quigley Ruth McKee talks to Jamie O'Connell, author of Diving for Pearls (Doubleday)

Belfast Book Festival is back!

Belfast Books Festival is back A sparkling line-up for summer 2021

The luminosity of the ordinary—Réamonn Ó Ciaráin on John Moriarty

A Hut at the Edge of the Village|John Moriarty|ed. Martin Shaw|Lilliput Press|ISBN:9781843518006|€15.00

Sam Thompson’s writing workshops part six: how to keep a reader’s...

Part six in Sam Thompson's series of talks for young writers #WolfstongueWritingWorkshop In...

Diary of a Wimpy Dad—An Entirely Unreasonable Hatred for the Dog...

Diary of a Wimpy Dad: Toe-Curling Tales for Grown-ups|David Diedbold|Monument Media Press|ISBN: 9781916253131| €11.95

A lovely turbulence—Niall McArdle on The Beauty of Impossible Things

The Beauty of Impossible Things|Rachel Donohue|Corvus|ISBN: 9781786499417 by Niall McArdle

Bloomsbury acquires Head of Zeus

In the ever-decreasing circle of consolidation within the global publishing industry, Head of Zeus, Anthony Cheetham’s London-based...

Listowel Award Winners Announced

Listowel Writers' Week reveals novel of the year, poetry and short story prizes

MAY 2021 bestsellers—FICTION

1. SnowflakeAuthor: Nealon, LouisePublisher: ManillaVolume: 3,766ISBN: 9781786580696 2. The Midnight LibraryAuthor: Haig, MattPublisher: CanongateVolume: 3,470ISBN: 9781786892737 ‹ 3. Other WomenAuthor: Kelly, CathyPublisher: OrionVolume: 2,812ISBN:9781409179276 4. Three Weddings...

May 2021 bestsellers—OVERALL

1. Awaken Your Power WithinAuthor: Hussey, Gerry Publisher: Hachette Books IrelandVolume: 8,269ISBN: 9781529368888 2. Mind Full:Unwreck your head, De-stress your lifeAuthor: Whelan, Dermot Publisher: Gill Books Volume: 5,365 ISBN:...