Cathal Ó Sándair’s dastardly plots and heroic exploits in re-issues from An Gúm

Na Mairbh a d'Fhill|Cathal Ó Sándair| €9|An Gúm|ISBN 978-1-85791-982-0 |An tEitleán Dofheicthe|Cathal Ó Sándair| €9; An Gúm; ISBN 978-1-85791-983-7. Fictional detective Réics Carló brings readers down memory lane, in the 1940s series by Cathal Ó Sándair In these opening volumes of Réics Carló we get...

Debut by Eibhlís Carcione snapped up by Everything With Words

Everything With Words has acquired Welcome to Dead Town, Raven McKay, the debut fantasy novel from Eibhlís Carcione.  Eibhlís Carcione's middle-grade fantasy Welcome to Dead Town, Raven McKay has been snapped up by publishers Everything With Words. Everything with Words publishes literary fiction for children and...

From the isolation of a deaf schoolgirl, to becoming an elite sports star—Mary Whelan on the secrets to success

The core messages that I’ve written about in The Whistleblower’s Secrets are: if I can do it, anyone can do it; never, ever give up, and hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.    Mary...

Editor’s Choice—Déjà Vu, by Niamh Donnellan

She Thinks of the Ghost or The Ghost Thinks of Her (Manao tupapau), from the Noa Noa Suite (1921) by Paul Gauguin. Original from The Art Institute of Chicago. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. Déjà Vu, by Niamh Donnellan Joe stood at the side of the road, his guide dog by...

MoLI open late on culture night with free admission

Join MoLI on Culture Night, Friday, 23 September for a range of free programmed events MoLI will be open from 5pm to 11pm (last admission 10pm) for Culture Night with free admission and a range of programmed events including readings, performances and much more, all with free admission....

Monthly bestsellers—FICTION

Top ten best selling fiction titles in Ireland in July

Monthly bestsellers—CHILDREN’S

Top ten best selling children's titles in Ireland for the month of July

Monthly bestsellers—NON-FICTION

Top ten best selling non-fiction titles in Ireland for the month of July

Monthly bestsellers—OVERALL

Top ten best selling overall titles in Ireland for the month of July

Burning Books…on Paper—Catherine Doyle

Catherine Doyle, author of The Lost Girl King (Bloomsbury) talks all things bookish for Burning Books…on Paper, the companion series to our popular podcast. A book from your early days  I remember discovering The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis when I was 8 years old,...