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Top 10 Overall Charts: March 2021

1. The Boy, The Horse, The Fox and The Mole

Author: Mackesy, Charlie
Publisher: Ebury Press
Volume: 5,536

2. The Midnight Library

Author: Haig, Matt
Publisher: Canongate
Volume: 5,507

3.Dog Man 10: Mothering Heights

Author: Pilkey, Dav
Publisher: Scholastic U.S
Volume: 4,821
ISBN: 9781338680454

4. Where the Crawdads Sing

Author: Owens, Delia
Publisher: Corsair
Volume: 3,674
ISBN: 9781472154668

5. Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories

Author: Kinney, Jeff
Publisher: Puffin
Volume: 3,251
ISBN: 9781846045127

6. As the Smoke Clears: The inspirational true story of surviving Greece’s wildfires

Author: Holohan, Zoe
Publisher: Gill Books
Volume: 3.035
ISBN: 9780717190249

7. Lily and the Lissadell Ghost: World Book Day 2021

Author: Curtin, Judi
Publisher: O'Brien Press
Volume: 2,924
ISBN: 9781788492300

8. Grown Ups

Author: Keys, Marian
Publisher: Penguin
Volume: 2,786
ISBN: 9781405918787

9. There's a Wolf in Your Book: World Book Day 2021

Author: Fletcher, Tom
Publisher: Puffin
Volume: 2,715
ISBN: 9780241492819

10. River Whale, The: World Book Day 2021

Author: Brahmachari, Sita
Publisher: Orion Children's Books
Volume: 2,664
ISBN: 9781510109148

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