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Let’s go! Booksellers buzzing about reopening—in pictures

Kenny’s Bookshop, Galway

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for—bookshops open their doors on Monday 17th May. Pictured here are some booksellers from around the country as they get ready for what is bound to be a busy and emotional day for everyone!

Cian, Alan, Anna, Roisin, Meabh, Noreen, Vinny and Charlie

The shop without people is like an old house that has nobody living in it. It runs to rack and ruin very quickly. It is looking wonderful now however, thanks to the great work done by everybody and simply needs the vital missing ingredient…our beloved customers!“—Vinny Browne, Charlie Byrne’s Galway City

Liber Bookshop, Sligo

“We are feeling really excited here in Liber about reopening and look forward to welcoming back all our customers. We have been busy the last few weeks stocking up the shop, getting ready for a very busy summer ahead!” —Ailbhe Caliendo, Liber Book Shop, Sligo 


Bridge Street Books, Wicklow

“We are so excited about opening again. We have missed having people in the shop so much—talking about books, but most of all personally recommending books to customers and seeing children run in with a beaming smile on their face, so happy about getting a new book!”—Joanna Hamilton from Bridge Street Books, Wicklow

Vincent Murphy and Mary Ruddy, Books at One

Excitement is building in Letterfrack as Mary and Vincent are looking forward to welcoming friends old and new who did not get a chance to visit the newly opened Books At One in December. Mary has sourced many locally made cards, gifts and crafts which will complement the wide range of books on our shelves. Both community bookshops—Louisburgh and Letterfrack—are looking forward to a busy season!” —Joanne Hunter, Books at One


Brid Conroy and Neil Paul, Tertulia Bookshop, Westport

“We’re very excited about reopening, albeit it a bit strange, like opening again for the first time.  Yes, there is a little bit of post Covid trepidation but as soon as customers start coming through the door I am sure that will be forgotten as we again reconnect with why we love the world of books – connection, engagement, adventure, it has it all….Also customers have been extremely supportive during our closures. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again—the days are long and the sun comes out sometimes…we are very privileged.”—Brid Conroy and Neil Paul, Tertulia Bookshop, Westport, Co. Mayo.


Mary McAuley and Hannah Bulger, Books Upstairs

We’re feeling very excited about re-opening… We’ve essentially been operating as a warehouse since New Year’s Eve and have really missed face-to-face (or mask-to-mask!) interaction with our customers. Looking forward to being able to thank them all in person for all the support they’ve shown us over the last few months!—Mary McAuley, Books Upstairs


Bookworm Bookshop, Thurles

“We are very excited about reopening fully next week!! Who would ever have thought we’d be closed for over four months….but we’ve repainted the whole shop and laid new carpet and flooring so we are raring to go!”—John and Maura of Bookworm Bookshop, Thurles, Co. Tipperary


Antonia’s bookshop, Trim

“Our customers have been so supportive over the last four months while we’ve been closed to the public. We’ve been packing and delivering locally ourselves and posting beyond that. It’s going to be wonderful to have people back in the shop where we can show them all of the fabulous books that have arrived in the last few months and help them find their next favourite book!”—Antonia, Antonia’s Bookshop Trim, Co. Meath


Kenny’s Bookshop,Galway

“We are really looking forward to re-opening our bookshop and art gallery doors to the public on Monday. Books have been really popular with people throughout covid and during the lockdowns, and we have been busy processing and shipping out online book orders throughout. People are also really eager to get back to their bookshops and have a browse, and we are very much looking forward to welcoming customers back into the shop again. We have hugely expanded the offering we have in-store of new releases and bestsellers, and we’re really looking forward to having that available to people.”—Sarah Kenny, Kenny’s Bookshop, Galway