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Linen Hall Library Marks Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

The Linen Hall in partnership with Conflict Textiles will mark Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January with an online event at 2.00pm featuring a transnational panel of contributors relaying personal stories about Holocaust-related family memorabilia.

There will also be an online exhibition, Light During the Darkness: Remembering the Holocaust, beginning Monday 18 January and running until Monday 1 February.  Each day an item, be it a photograph, piece of memorabilia or other, with its own unique story relating to the Holocaust, will be posted on the Linen Hall’s social media channels.

The event on Holocaust Memorial Day, Wednesday 27 January, will take place via ZOOM from 2.00pm – 3.30pm and will feature a panel of contributors including award-winning author and poet Marjorie Agosín, originally from Chile, who will join the event live from the USA. Others will be contributing from Argentina, Germany, Northern Ireland and the USA. Each person will relay a story about a family item relating to the Holocaust. To book for this event visit the Linen Hall Library www.linenhall.com.

Linen Hall Director Julie Andrews said: “As an institution that holds archives from all religious, political and cultural persuasions, the Linen Hall is proud to support Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 as a way of remembering and reflecting on a tragic moment in human history.”

For full details and calendar of events for January 2021 see: https://linenhall.com/linen-hall-jumps-into-january-with-full-calendar-of-events/