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Louisa Cameron, Raven Books, wins The O’Brien Press Bookseller of the Year Award 2021

Ivan O’Brien of O’Brien Press presenting the Bookseller of the Year Award 2021 to Louisa Cameron of Raven Books

Louisa Cameron, Raven Books, wins The O’Brien Press Bookseller of the Year Award 2021

‘A hands-on, inspiring bookseller at the heart of her community for over a decade, Louisa Cameron has helped create a new generation of readers through bookclubs and pinpoint book recommendations. Her public advocacy of books and bookselling, both locally and nationally, is valued by the entire Irish book community. She has been a shining light through the pandemic, hand-delivering books from a heavily-loaded bicycle: a symbol of inspiration and hope when we all needed it most.’—O’Brien’s Bookseller of the Year Award

Louisa Cameron, Raven Books

Receiving this award would have meant a great deal to me in a normal year; given the year we have all just been through, it is hard to articulate just how appreciative I am to be given this honour. I feel very thankful that every single day of the pandemic I have had a clear sense of purpose through my work, knowing that getting books into the hands of readers helps make their days that bit brighter. All the hard work and long hours during the lockdowns were worth it to hear the cries of joy from kids seeing the latest title in their favourite series, the gratitude from distant family members reassured that their loved ones would receive birthday presents, the happiness of cocooners able to travel the world without leaving the safety of their homes. To have that recognised and celebrated by my peers is the icing on the cake. With this award, I feel profoundly grateful to have become a small part of the flourishing Irish literary tradition, and at a time when it has become abundantly clear that books are essential.

Louisa Cameron, winner of The O’Brien Press Bookseller of the Year Award 2021

Louisa is the 27th recipient of The O’Brien Press Bookseller of the Year Award which is presented annually in recognition of outstanding achievement or an invaluable contribution to the book trade by an individual bookseller.

Winners are presented with ‘The Elements’ a bronze perpetual trophy sculpted by one of Ireland’s leading sculptors, Rowan Gillespie, and a framed commemorative certificate.

Originally from Monkstown, Louisa Cameron started Raven Books as a tiny shop on Carysfort Avenue in Blackrock, Co. Dublin, in 2008. She then moved the shop to the current location on Blackrock’s Main Street, and this year celebrated her ten-year anniversary there.

In a hugely challenging year for everybody, books have been hugely important for so many people. With the rules on opening and collection regularly changing, ensuring that people knew they could get books locally was vital. Actually getting the right books to customers has demanded huge energy and innovation. So many great booksellers looked after their community amazingly well, and nobody better than Louisa Cameron at Raven Books. Her famous bicycle clocked up many miles, and her recommendations and customer support left many smiling faces of all ages. She is a worthy winner of Bookseller of the Year.

Ivan O’Brien, Managing Director of The O’Brien Press