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Monthly bestsellers—CHILDREN’S

1. They Both Die at the End

Author: Silvera, Adam
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Volume: 1,401
ISBN: 9781471166204

2. The Outsiders

Author: Hinton, S.E.
Publisher: Penguin Books
Volume: 1,308
ISBN: 9780141368887

3. Megamonster

Author: Walliams, David
Publisher: HarperCollins
Volume: 1,258
ISBN: 9780008499723

4. Peppa Goes to Ireland

Author: Pig, Peppa
Publisher: Ladybird
Volume: 1,216
ISBN: 9780241487150

5. Dog Man 10: Mothering Heights

Author: Pilkey, Dav
Publisher: Scholastic
Volume: 957
ISBN: 9781338680454

6. Once: Once/Now/Then/After

Author: Gleitzman, Morris
Publisher: Puffin
Volume: 927
ISBN: 9780141320632

7. One of Us is Lying

Author: McManus, Karen M.
Publisher: Penguin Books
Volume: 864
ISBN: 9780141375632

8. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Author: Rowling, J.K.
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Volume: 857
ISBN: 9781408855652


9. Ireland: The People, The Places, The Stories

Author: Pierce, Rachel and O’Briain, Dara
Publisher: Scholastic
Volume: 787
ISBN: 9780702302411

10. Stone Cold: The Originals

Author: Swindells, Robert
Publisher: Penguin Books
Volume: 775
ISBN: 9780141368993

This chart is from the month of September until October 2nd 2021.

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