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Monthly bestsellers—NON-FICTION

1. Journey’s End: The Truth about Heaven and Hell

Author: Keane, Colm
Publisher: Capel Island
Volume: 3,296
ISBN: 9780955913389

2. Putin’s People:How the KGB Took Back Russia and Then Took on the West

Author: Belton, Catherine
Publisher: William Collins
Volume: 1,691
ISBN: 9780007578818

3. Manifest

Author: Nafousi, Roxie
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Volume: 1,456
ISBN: 9780241539590

4. Atomic Habits

Author: Clear, James
Publisher: Random House Business
Volume: 1,440
ISBN: 9781847941831

5. Vitality Mark

Author: Rowe, Mark
Publisher: Gill Books
Volume: 1,417
ISBN: 9780717192809

6. Let’s Talk: About Relationships, Sex and Intimacy

Author: Sadlier, Richie
Publisher: Gill Books
Volume: 1,337
ISBN: 9780717191901

7. What Every Woman Needs to Know About Her Gut

Author: Ryan, Barbara & McGowan, Elaine
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Volume: 1,308
ISBN: 9781529388268

8. Lili’s Family Favourites

Author: Forberg, Lili
Publisher: O’Brien Press
Volume: 1,262
ISBN: 9781788492829

9. Good Vibes, Good Life

Author: King, Vex
Publisher: Hay House UK
Volume: 1,249
ISBN: 9781788171823

10. Unspoken

Author: McGrath, Tom
Publisher: Gill Books
Volume: 1,176
ISBN: 9780717192540

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