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Monthly bestsellers—NON-FICTION

1. Guinness World Records 2022

Author: Records, Guinness World
Publisher: Guinness World Records
Volume: 15,276
ISBN: 9781913484118

2. We Don’t Know Ourselves

Author: O’Toole, Fintan
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Volume: 14,518
ISBN: 9781784978297

3. Old Ireland in Colour 2

Author: Breslin, John & Buckley, Sarah
Publisher: Merrion Press
Volume: 12,169
ISBN: 9781785374111

4. Keith Earls: Fight or Flight

Author: Earls, Keith
Publisher: Reach Sport
Volume: 11,378
ISBN: 9781914197093

5. Your One Wild and Precious Life

Author: Gaffney, Maureen
Publisher: Penguin Life
Volume: 10,788
ISBN: 9780241437728

6. Haughey

Author: Murphy, Gary
Publisher: Gill Books
Volume: 10,707
ISBN: 9780717193646

7. Windswept & Interesting

Author: Connolly, Billy
Publisher: Two Roads
Volume: 8,966
ISBN: 9781529318258

8. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse

Author: Mackesy, Charlie
Publisher: Ebury Press
Volume: 8,478
ISBN: 9781529105100

9. Waterford Whispers News 2021

Author: Williamson, Colm
Publisher: Gill Books
Volume: 8,268
ISBN: 9780717192571

10. The Colour of Ireland: County by County 1860-1960

Author: Cross, Rob
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Volume: 7,568
ISBN: 9781785303647

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