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Monthly bestsellers—OVERALL

1. Normal Sheeple

Author: O’Carroll-Kelly, Ross
Publisher: Sandycove
Volume: 5,177
ISBN: 9781844885497

2. 56 Days

Author: Howard, Catherine Ryan
Publisher: Corvus
Volume: 5,061
ISBN: 9781838951634

3. The Echo Chamber

Author: Boyne, John
Publisher: Doubleday
Volume: 4,398
ISBN: 9780857526229

4. The Midnight Library

Author: Haig, Matt
Publisher: Canongate Books
Volume: 3,885
ISBN: 9781786892737

5. Where the Crawdads Sing

Author: Owens, Delia
Publisher: Corsair
Volume: 3,288
ISBN: 9781472154668

6. Megamonster

Author: Walliams, David
Publisher: HarperCollins
Volume: 3,279
ISBN: 9780008499723

7. The Devil’s Advocate

Author: Cavanagh, Steve
Publisher: Orion
Volume: 3,207
ISBN: 9781409185895

8. Did Ye Hear Mammy Died?

Author: O’Reilly, Seamas
Publisher: Fleet
Volume: 3,160
ISBN: 9780708899243

9. Jane’s Patisserie:Deliciously customisable cakes, bakes and treats

Author: Dunn, Jane
Publisher: Ebury Press
Volume: 2,971
ISBN: 9781529109429

10. It Ends With Us

Author: Hoover, Colleen
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Volume: 2,956
ISBN: 9781471156267

This chart is for August until September 4th 2021.

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