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Online Resource: Sessions with Literary Agent Simon Trewin

Literary Agent Simon Trewin will be live on Writing.ie’s Facebook page at 12 NOON (GMT) every Friday— this series of free online video chats focus on the publishing industry, how it works and how you can make your book publisher ready.

As part of the collaboration between Writing.ie and the Simon Trewin Agency, they have cultivated some tips for making sure your submission is ready to go:

  1. The first thing for every writer to remember is that writing is rewriting. The moment you put the last full stop down at the end of the last sentence of your first draft isn’t the time to start thinking about sending it out –  it’s the time when the work really begins.
  2. Length and genre. Books that cross genres can be hard to place with publishers as it can be tricky to know how to market them/where to put them on the bookshop shelf. Understanding the genre will help, read as much as you can in the genre you write in.
  3. Be on top of each publishing house’s submission requirements and follow them to the letter.

As Simon Trewin says, “The world doesn’t need another novel – it is the writer’s job to make the agent feel that, in some way, his or her view of the world we all live will be a slightly more textured and rich one if seen through your prose.”

Each discussion will be recorded and available to watch afterward— there are currently 8 weeks planned but there is a possibility that it could expand. 

Watch last week’s session here.