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Pubeasy to be powered by new platform in March

Technology and information providers MVB and Nielsen Book announce completely rebuilt platform for publishers, booksellers and distributors

German technology and information provider MVB and UK-based Nielsen Book are preparing the launch of the newly developed Pubeasy system at the end of March. The international electronic ordering and customer self-service platform is used by thousands of booksellers worldwide every day to check a book’s price and availability, the status of their orders, and to place orders directly with multiple publishers from a single web portal.

Now, Pubeasy has been enhanced with a fully rebuilt, state-of-the art technology infrastructure including a streamlined modern interface, improved search, and tighter integration with related systems. The new platform has been developed by MVB’s IT department in cooperation with Nielsen Book who operates the service for UK suppliers. Nielsen Book will continue to serve their current customers using new platform technology from MVB who purchased Pubeasy North America and its related service Pubnet in July 2017. Both companies are working closely together to ensure that their customers experience a smooth transition to the new Pubeasy.

“Todays’ publishers, booksellers and distributors need improved tools and services to reduce costs and save time – smarter, more efficient direct ordering is a big part of it”, says Ted Hill, CEO of MVB US. “While Pubeasy has served the publishing community well over the years, we realised that we needed to start from scratch if we wanted to significantly improve the benefits of Pubeasy for our customers. Our new technology represents a major investment in crucial infrastructure which will enable MVB to more easily roll out additional features and improvements over the coming months and years.”

“Nielsen Book is excited to be working with MVB to deliver the modernised Pubeasy platform”, says Jo Shaw, Sales Director at Nielsen Book. “This investment means we can continue to grow and develop Pubeasy in the UK and International markets. It is a key service offering to our bookseller community and enables us to streamline the supply chain with publishers and distributors. This next step confirms Pubeasy as a must-have service for booksellers worldwide.”

“MVB is fully committed to delivering efficiency gains to the global book trade. We are proud to deliver the new Pubeasy trading platform based on cutting-edge technology and international standards”, says MVB CEO Ronald Schild. “Our objective is to take Pubeasy to as many national markets as possible and thereby establishing trading links between publishers and booksellers worldwide. Right now, plans for the introduction of Pubeasy in Brazil are in the works.”

Save the Date

The MVB US team will offer an early look at the newly developed Pubeasy at this year’s virtual 2021 Winter Institute of the American Booksellers Association (18 – 20.02.2021).

Nielsen Book will be showcasing the new Pubeasy to UK suppliers and their retailers at webinars ahead of the launch.

About Pubeasy

Pubeasy is a web-based ordering system that is used worldwide, requires only minimal technical requirements on the customer’s side and can also be used without a sophisticated point of sales (POS) system. Bookstores can use the application to check individual book prices and availability on a daily basis and manage their orders – including order confirmations as well as order history and status. The service is completely free for bookstores; publishers pay an annual fixed price based on the previous year’s usage. www.pubeasy.com | info.pubeasy.com

About Nielsen Book

Nielsen Book provides a range of services to the book industry internationally, aiding the discovery and purchase, distribution and sales measurement of books. Nielsen Book is responsible for the ISBN and SAN Agencies for UK & Ireland as well as providing search and discovery services for booksellers and libraries. Its electronic trading solutions, including Nielsen PubEasy, help everyone involved in the book supply chain trade more easily and its Research services provide retail sales analysis for both print and e-books alongside research from the Books and Consumers Survey. For publishers Nielsen Book offers a range of services from assigning an ISBN to a book to adding metadata to its database and providing promotional tools to help market books. The company is wholly owned by Nielsen. For more information, visit nielsenbook.co.uk

About MVB

Technology and information provider MVB makes books visible. Major platforms, based on international metatdata standards, enable publishers and bookstores to promote their products successfully and efficiently in their home markets and abroad. Editorial and advertising formats as well as face-to-face networking give orientation in different book markets. In close cooperation with customers and market players from all areas of the book industry, the teams located in Frankfurt am Main, Mexico City, New York and São Paulo continuously work on innovative Infrastructure solutions for the book trade of the future. www.mvb-online.com