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Recordings from poet Oisín Breen.

Dublin-born poet, Oisín Breen has a new collection of poetry Flowers, All Sorts in Blossom, Figs, Berries, and Fruits Forgotten forthcoming from Hybrid Press in Edinburgh. The collection carries three long-form pieces, each in a series of thematic parts and will be released on March 29 2020.

For more info see: https://www.hybriddreich.co.uk/444932916/product/4316414/oisin-breen-book-flowers?catid=1411035

International orders see here.

Contact the publisher directly: kevincadwallender@gmail.com

Click the links below to hear Oisín reading some of his work aloud:

1: https://soundcloud.com/oisin-b/stats/plays/2019-11-25/2019-12-01
2: https://soundcloud.com/oisin-b/sets/dublin-and-the-loose-footwork-of-deity
3: https://soundcloud.com/oisin-b/her-cross-carried-burnt