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SINFUL, New Irish Crime Stories


An evil presence stalks the beauty of the Irish countryside.  A debt collector receives a most unwelcome present.  An aggrieved farmer, cheated of his inheritance, develops a taste for killing. A once-besotted lover turns to revenge.

Following the success of their first book, Sins in 2018, the seven authors; Adrian Taheny, Alix Moore, Caroline Bale, Jenny Wright, Mark Bastow, Martin Keating and Susan Rodgers, take us back into the dark side of life with their new collection Sinful. Once again edited by Ferdia Mac Anna, these stories reach new heights in crime writing by describing new lows in human behaviour.

Sinful is the second in a scheduled trilogy of short story collections published by the3percenters. If you want to read more on the writers and how they began their journey writing together, check out this article written by Martin Keating.

It is available in leading book stores including Waterstones, Dubray, Gutter and Hanna’s, and on Amazon as an e-book or print-on-demand.

You can find the link to order the book at their website: www.the3percenters.ie