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Backlist Beauties—Follow the Old Road, by Jo Kerrigan

Backlist Beauties—Follow the Old Road, by Jo Kerrigan

Backlist Beauties—Wild Irish Women

Backlist Beauties is our feature where publishers tell us about books from their backlist which sparkle. Next up is The O'Brien Press, with Wild Irish Women—Extraordinary Lives from History, by Marian Broderick.

Backlist Beauties—Paris Syndrome, by Lucy Sweeney Byrne

Backlist Beauties - publishers choose a title from their back catalogue that sparkles. Next up, Paris Syndrome, by Lucy Sweeney Byrne (Banshee Press).

Backlist Beauties—Are You Somebody? by Nuala O’Faolain

Next in our series where publishers talk about a book from their backlist that sings, we have Are You Somebody, by Nuala O’Faolain (New Island).

Backlist Beauties—Upperdown, by David Brennan

Backlist Beauties - books from the backlist that publishers and booksellers love. Next up, Upperdown by David Brennan (Époque Press)

Backlist Beauties—Hope Against Hope

In the next in the Backlist Beauties series, Little Island tell us about why they love Hope Against Hope, by Sheena Wilkinson.

Backlist Beauties—Between Dog and Wolf

Backlist beauties—in brief It's not all about what's new or what's next. In this...
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