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It Rose Up—a rare collection of Irish fantasy

Part lecture series, part short story collection, Tramp Press once again backs authors defying and subverting form with this academic but accessible read.

On Dangerous Ground—history with heart

John Kirkaldy recommends On Dangerous Ground as a moving and vivid memoir.

The New Girl—beautiful lessons and an empathetic guide

"A timely and crucial novel"—Riley Earle on The New Girl, by Sinéad Moriarty.

Comrades—a refuge and respite

Comrades by Rosita Boland is a warm celebrations of friendship.

Dinner Party—a strong debut from Sarah Gilmartin

Dinner Party is a strong, serious novel often leavened by warmth and good humour—Niall McArdle on Sarah Gilmartin's debut.

Checkout 19—a paean to the imagination

Eoghan Smith examines Checkout 19, the astonishing new work by Claire-Louise Bennett.  

The Butchers—a whirling tale of borderlands and sacred cows

Susan McKeever reviews The Butcher, by Ruth Gilligan, which won the RSL Ondaatje Prize earlier this year.

Hard truth and troubling questions—Fallen, by Mel O’Doherty

Eoghan Smith takes a deep dive into Fallen— a novel with the flint of hard truth, ruled by a dark supremacy

Language, nature, love and grief—What Willow Says

What Willow Says, the second novel by writer and artist Lynn Buckle, is a contemplative and lyrical exploration of the intersections of language, nature, love and grief.

Canny Empathy in A Shock by Keith Ridgway

Review of A Shock by Keith Ridgway (Picador). This is a masterfully crafted, highly intriguing novel that delivers the shock of its title.
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