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Playfulness, punning, and pathos—Multiple Joyce, by David Collard

Multiple Joyce|David Collard|Sagging Meniscus Press|€20 "...a sparkling and vivacious probe into a fresh...

Edith, by Martina Devlin—an immersive, entertaining rollercoaster

Edith|Martina Devlin|Lilliput Press|ISBN:978 1 84351 8303|O'Mahony's €16 "Martina Devlin has created a wonderfully...

Voting Day—when men voted on women’s suffrage in Switzerland

Voting Day, by Clare O'Dea—the day the Swiss voted on women's suffrage.

What if those footsteps are coming for me? The Nurse, by...

The Nurse, by Claire Allan. A pacey, readable thriller from a writer unafraid to take us to the dark places.

Seven Steeples, by Sara Baume—an aggregation of intimacies

Seven Steeples by Sara Baume, reviewed by poet Aoife Lyall.

An Alien Ideology—Communism in Ireland

Investigating the impact of Communism in Ireland—a direct and worthwhile piece of historical research.

Ireland, Colonialism and the Unfinished Revolution—nailing colours to the mast

Tony Canavan reviews Ireland, Colonialism and the Unfinished Revolution.

A Provincial Death—a truly experimental novel

A Provincial Death, by Eoghan Smith. A truly experimental novel.

How to Gut a Fish—a feast for the senses

How to Gut a Fish, by Sheila Armstrong—a feast for the senses.

Dance Move—a collection charged with possibility

Dance Move, by Wendy Erskine—a collection charged with possibility.
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