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A beating heart at its core—The Raptures, by Jan Carson

The Raptures, by Jan Carson—small-town insularity with a fable-esque feel.

Trinity Tales—a collection which captures a decade

Trinity Tales (Lilliput Press) - a worthy collection which captures an array of voices and perspectives on student life.

Breaking Point—the aftermath of a tragedy

Breaking Point, the debut novel by Edel Coffey.

Fragile tensions and acid humour—Marching Season, by Rosemary Jenkinson

Marching Season, by Rosemary Jenkinson (Arlen House)—Fragile tensions and acid humour.

Laura King reads Small Things Like These, by Claire Keegan

Laura King reads Small Things Like These, by Claire Keegan.

Pace, twists and familiar faces in High Pressure by Sam Blake

Catherine Murphy reads High Pressure, a twisty thriller full of tension by Sam Blake.

Energy, exuberance, empathy—Stephen Reid on White City by Kevin Power

White City|by Kevin Power| Scribner UK|hardback £14.99|ISBN: 9781847378064 by Stephen Reid

A loosening and tightening knot: Eoghan Smith on the artistry of...

Seed|Joanna Walsh|No Alibis Press| 2021|Limited Edition Set|ISBN: 9781838108113 by Eoghan Smith
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