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Irish Writers Centre embraces National Mentoring Programme

The Irish Writers Centre is taking on the stewardship of the National Mentoring Programme for literature.

The First Page—Adrian Duncan reads from The Geometer Lobachevsky

Adrian Duncan reads the first page of his new novel, The Geometer Lobachevsky.

Raised on Valentia island – the compelling story of a unique...

An extract from Island Boy, by Des Lavelle (O'Brien Press).

YA werewolf adventure goes to Little Island

Aislinn O'Loughlin's werewolf adventure goes to Little Island Books.

Irish language novel short-listed for European Prize for Literature

MADAME LAZARE by Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin, has been nominated for the European Prize for Literature, 2022.

A Provincial Death—a truly experimental novel

A Provincial Death, by Eoghan Smith. A truly experimental novel.

How to Gut a Fish—a feast for the senses

How to Gut a Fish, by Sheila Armstrong—a feast for the senses.

Burning Books…on Paper—Tanya Farrelly

Tanya Farrelly tells us what books she would save if her house was on fire, for Burning Books on Paper.

Campaign to get Ireland reading is back for February

Campaign to get Ireland reading is back for February.

Dance Move—a collection charged with possibility

Dance Move, by Wendy Erskine—a collection charged with possibility.
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