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A Provincial Death—a truly experimental novel

A Provincial Death, by Eoghan Smith. A truly experimental novel.

Trinity Tales—a collection which captures a decade

Trinity Tales (Lilliput Press) - a worthy collection which captures an array of voices and perspectives on student life.

Fragile tensions and acid humour—Marching Season, by Rosemary Jenkinson

Marching Season, by Rosemary Jenkinson (Arlen House)—Fragile tensions and acid humour.

Checkout 19—a paean to the imagination

Eoghan Smith examines Checkout 19, the astonishing new work by Claire-Louise Bennett.  

Hard truth and troubling questions—Fallen, by Mel O’Doherty

Eoghan Smith takes a deep dive into Fallen— a novel with the flint of hard truth, ruled by a dark supremacy

Language, nature, love and grief—What Willow Says

What Willow Says, the second novel by writer and artist Lynn Buckle, is a contemplative and lyrical exploration of the intersections of language, nature, love and grief.

Burnished brilliance in Trouble, by Philip Ó Ceallaigh

Philip Ó Ceallaigh has kept his readers waiting for a decade for a new collection. The wait has been worth it. Eoghan Smith reviews the Trouble, published by The Stinging Fly.

A loosening and tightening knot: Eoghan Smith on the artistry of...

Seed|Joanna Walsh|No Alibis Press| 2021|Limited Edition Set|ISBN: 9781838108113 by Eoghan Smith

A darkness flowing—The Beasts They Turned Away, by Ryan Dennis

The Beasts They Turned Away|Ryan Dennis|Epoque press|9781999896089 by Eoghan Smith

Review: As You Were, by Elaine Feeney

As You Were by Elaine Feeney | Harvill Secker | 389pp |...
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