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Checkout 19—a paean to the imagination

Eoghan Smith examines Checkout 19, the astonishing new work by Claire-Louise Bennett.  

Hard truth and troubling questions—Fallen, by Mel O’Doherty

Eoghan Smith takes a deep dive into Fallen— a novel with the flint of hard truth, ruled by a dark supremacy

Language, nature, love and grief—What Willow Says

What Willow Says, the second novel by writer and artist Lynn Buckle, is a contemplative and lyrical exploration of the intersections of language, nature, love and grief.

Burnished brilliance in Trouble, by Philip Ó Ceallaigh

Philip Ó Ceallaigh has kept his readers waiting for a decade for a new collection. The wait has been worth it. Eoghan Smith reviews the Trouble, published by The Stinging Fly.

A loosening and tightening knot: Eoghan Smith on the artistry of...

Seed|Joanna Walsh|No Alibis Press| 2021|Limited Edition Set|ISBN: 9781838108113 by Eoghan Smith

A darkness flowing—The Beasts They Turned Away, by Ryan Dennis

The Beasts They Turned Away|Ryan Dennis|Epoque press|9781999896089 by Eoghan Smith

Review: As You Were, by Elaine Feeney

As You Were by Elaine Feeney | Harvill Secker | 389pp |...

Review: Why the Moon Travels, by Oein DeBhairduin

Why the Moon Travels Oein DeBhairduin | Skein Press | hb...
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