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Flash Fiction—Warmth, by Fiona McKay

Portrait of a mother with her daughter, 1816 - 1823, Henri François RiesenerOriginal public domain image from Finnish National Gallery

Burning Books…on Paper—Kelly Creighton

Burning Books...on Paper, with Kelly Creighton.

New books for April—First Flush is out!

All Irish-authored, Irish published and Irish interest books released in April.

The First Page—Adrian Duncan reads from The Geometer Lobachevsky

Adrian Duncan reads the first page of his new novel, The Geometer Lobachevsky.

A Provincial Death—a truly experimental novel

A Provincial Death, by Eoghan Smith. A truly experimental novel.

How to Gut a Fish—a feast for the senses

How to Gut a Fish, by Sheila Armstrong—a feast for the senses.

Dance Move—a collection charged with possibility

Dance Move, by Wendy Erskine—a collection charged with possibility.

A beating heart at its core—The Raptures, by Jan Carson

The Raptures, by Jan Carson—small-town insularity with a fable-esque feel.

Trinity Tales—a collection which captures a decade

Trinity Tales (Lilliput Press) - a worthy collection which captures an array of voices and perspectives on student life.

Breaking Point—the aftermath of a tragedy

Breaking Point, the debut novel by Edel Coffey.
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