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How to Gut a Fish—a feast for the senses

How to Gut a Fish, by Sheila Armstrong—a feast for the senses.

Laura King reads Small Things Like These, by Claire Keegan

Laura King reads Small Things Like These, by Claire Keegan.

Comrades—a refuge and respite

Comrades by Rosita Boland is a warm celebrations of friendship.

The Visibility Trap—the world and the self

The Visibility Trap|Mary McGill|New Island|ISBN:9781848408012|€16.95 "As McGill so persuasively argues, this visibility is...

Pretty City Dublin— exploring Dublin through Instagram

Pretty City Dublin: Discovering Dublin's Beautiful Places by Siobhan Ferguson | History...

Discovering Norah Hoult

“I feel like I’ve been having a one-sided conversation with Norah Hoult for years …” A feature by...

Review: handiwork, by Sara Baume

handiwork by Sara Baume | Tramp Press | €13.00 pb |...

Review: Oona, by Alice Lyons.

Oona by Alice Lyons | Lilliput Press | €15 | 262pp |...
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