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Backlist Beauties—Between Dog and Wolf

Backlist beauties—in brief It's not all about what's new or what's next. In this...

The luminosity of the ordinary—Réamonn Ó Ciaráin on John Moriarty

A Hut at the Edge of the Village|John Moriarty|ed. Martin Shaw|Lilliput Press|ISBN:9781843518006|€15.00

Paul Clements on exploring ‘Shannon Country’.

Eighty years ago, the writer, actor and singer Richard Hayward set out on his journey down the...

Review: Oona, by Alice Lyons.

Oona by Alice Lyons | Lilliput Press | €15 | 262pp |...

Adrian Duncan in conversation with Rob Doyle—Lilliput Virtual Book Tour

Virtual Book Tours in the face of COVID-19 Pandemic Like many authors and publishers are currently experiencing, long-awaited new...

Lilliput launch Virtual Book Tour with Adrian Duncan

Adrian Duncan's second novel with the Lilliput Press A Sabbatical in Leipzig, due to launch this week, was cancelled in light of the...

Thomas Kilroy (85): This Literary Life

 ‘Literary prizes are about marketing - many excellent writers never win anything’ Interview by Mary McCarthy
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