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Poetry Happening—Stephanie Conn

Stephanie Conn reads from her new collection Off Kilter (Doire Press) for Books Ireland.

Poetry Happening—Nandi Jola

Nandi Jola reads poems from her new collection.

Poetry Happening—Jessica Traynor

Jessica Traynor reads Night Run, from Pit Lullabies (Bloodaxe Books), for Poetry Happening.

Poetry happening—Mary O’Donnell

Mary O'Donnell reads from her latest collection, Massacre of the Birds (Salmon Poetry).

Poetry Happening—Liz Quirke

Liz Quirke reads the title poem from her forthcoming collection, 'How We Arrive in Winter' (Salmon Poetry).

Anne Walsh Donnelly

Anne Walsh Donnelly reads 'Fodder' from her collection 'Odd as f*ck' Fly on the Wall Press, 2021.

Poetry happening—Fiona Perry

https://www.youtube.com/embed/IKNO_C5g644 Postpartum, by Fiona Perry 
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