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Tertulia – A Bookshop Like No Other

Tertulia – A Bookshop Like No Other – had its official opening this August in Westport, County Mayo to great excitement.   

Tertulia is a unique bookshop on Westport’s Atlantic Ocean. The shop is influenced and designed around a number of famous films where its proprietor Neil Paul used to work as a lighting specialist, before leaving it all behind to open up his own business. There are glimpses from the set of James Bond, Sci-Fi films such as Aliens and Event Horizon, as well as goodies from the Harry Potter productions. Tertulia Bookshop mixes the magic of visual storytelling and written stories to form a unique sanctuary for book lovers, film lovers and those who just want a place to relax and enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee.

The name Tertulia is an old Spanish word and stems from the idea of groups of people who meet informally on a regular basis to chat about current affairs, literature and the Arts. Tertulia is a word that is used to refer to the gathering itself. In early 20th Century Spain, tertulias literarias were much in vogue, and critics and writers would meet to discuss the literary issues of the day in places such as the famous Café Gijón.

According to the Owner, Neil Paul, ‘I want Tertulia – A Bookshop Like No Other, to be just that, like nothing you have ever experienced before. It is a place where people can come together to discuss amazing ideas, new literary works and the latest in Arts and current affairs. The bookshop is a gathering place for people and books.’

Tertulia want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us in getting this venture off the ground. To all our customers, we want to extend heartfelt thanks and a warm welcome. Tertulia – A Bookshop Like No Other is open and you can check us out on Facebook or on our website.’ 

The new venture is located on the Quay in Westport town, in County Mayo and stocks a selection of new and second hand books, in a relaxed, welcoming environment. There is seating for tea and coffee and an exciting schedule of events is being prepared for the year ahead.

The official opening was held on the 10th of August and the shop was filled with people. There was amazing food from Tia’s in Louisburgh, and the Creel in Westport, as well as plenty of Prosecco to keep the conversation flowing.

Article by Caroline Healy.

For more info see: http://www.tertuliabookshop.com/