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The First Page—Ellen Ryan

Ellen Ryan reads from her new book, Girls Who Slay Monsters (Harper Collins) illustrated by Shona Shirley Macdonald

Girls Who Slay Monsters|Ellen Ryan|Harper Collins|ISBN: 9780008538972

Unsung stories from ancient Irish myths re-imagined for nine to twelve-year olds

Have you heard of Eithne the supernatural scholar or Fand the shape-shifting eco-warrior?

What about Bé Mannair, a gender-fluid spy who challenges an entire army, or Bé Binn, a giantess who gets her own back on her bullies?

From mermaids and fashionistas to athletes and farmers, meet goddesses of all shapes and sizes from Ireland’s ancient myths. Stand by their sides as they wield magic, fight monsters, and protect the powerless – and you might discover that you, too, are a force of nature.