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The secret life of books—Pan Macmillan bookseller mentorship programme

Pan Macmillan publishing mentorship programme is open for applications

Are you a bookseller who would like to know more about the publishing industry? Pan Macmillan Publishing Mentorship Programme is now open for applications.

The opportunity is open to booksellers in Ireland and the UK with applicants from all backgrounds and communities being encouraged to apply, with a deadline of April 11, 2023.

The roles of the bookseller and the publisher can often seem disconnected, even though their primary goals are the same: getting great books into readers’ hands. Without proper insight into the process on both sides, that disconnect can threaten the book’s success. 

Learn how we decide which books to publish and how editors turn a manuscript into a finished book. Understand the processes behind cover design and book production. Find out how an author gets on TV or into the broadsheets, and how a book ad gets into a train station. Discover how books are sold into retailers and wholesalers, how the supply chain works, and much more!

Pan Macmillan’s new mentorship programme aims to bridge this gulf, providing booksellers with a unique opportunity to gain insight into the nuts and bolts of the publishing industry. A chance to see the story behind the book that arrives fully formed to your bookshop, successful applicants will see the journey from earliest manuscript to the moment its beautiful cover is splashed on ads around the bookshop.

Pan Macmillan, founded in 1843, is one of the largest general book publishers in the UK with imprints that include Mantle, Pan, Picador, Boxtree, Sidgwick & Jackson, Bello, Tor, Kingfisher, Macmillan Children’s Books and many more.

Aimed at helping booksellers understand the whole decision-making process from editors to designers to marketing, the programme takes 1–2 hours a week, during which you will attend meetings (remotely), and have 1:1 catch ups with your in-house buddy, getting to know the people and processes behind the industry.

This mentorship will cover all departments; editorial, art, finance, marketing/publicity, production and sales.

Applications close on April 11, 2023 with the programme starting on June 6, 2023. The course will run every Tuesday morning from 9am-10am and sessions will be recorded. There will be an opportunity to attend other meetings virtually during the programme. 

The application form along with more information can be found here.