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Little Big Sister goes to Little Island

Little Island has acquired Little Big Sister, publishing in spring 2023

Little Big Sister is a “sweet and moving” picture book by Eoin Colfer about a young girl growing up with dwarfism.

Featuring art work by Celia Ivey, a British illustrator with dwarfism commissioned by Little Island, the book will be published in spring 2023.

“I count myself very lucky to be a part of a creative team with Celia and Little Island. We have worked very hard together to create a story that is real but also a little magical. I can’t wait for Starr to burst out of her pages in 2023. “Eoin Colfer

Publisher Matthew Parkinson-Bennett acquired Ireland, UK and Commonwealth English-language rights from agent Sophie Hicks.

Little Big Sister tells the story of Starr, a girl with dwarfism who lives with her mum and younger sister, Babs.

As the girls get older and Babs overtakes Starr’s height, Starr understands there is something different about her.

When she starts primary school she is at first upset by being shorter than the other children. But with help from her mum and teacher, the precocious Starr finds the courage to shine.

“I am thrilled to contribute to this wonderful story; there are echoes of my own experiences growing up with dwarfism, living in an average height family. I really enjoyed the family dynamic along with the honest and sensitive approach between the mother and daughter, which felt particularly resonant.”—Celia Ivey.

It was important to Eoin and ourselves to find an illustrator who had personal experience of the sort of challenges faced by Starr, and we were delighted when Celia, a terrifically talented artist, embraced this project with enthusiasm. We can’t wait to bring this book to Irish and British children in spring 2023.”—Matthew Parkinson-Bennet.