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All the books you can carry for €10—second-hand book sale in aid of Ukraine

All the books you can carry for €10 at the National College of Ireland in fundraiser for Ukraine

On Saturday 8 October at the National College of Ireland, a €10 donation will allow you to take away as many books as you can carry—and support the Irish Red Cross in Ukraine at the same time.

The event runs from 11.am until 4pm.

Liz Maguire was inspired to organize a series of book sales, having attended one in Rathgar. She saw so many books and not so many people. “I have a background in marketing so when I was on the bus home, I realised I could help in some way.”

Liz, who lives in Rathfarnham, went to her local pub, Revels Bar, and asked if they could give her a room for two weeks.

“They gave us their upstairs room. I started talking about it on Twitter and people dropped off boxes of books to the pub and the house. We had our first book sale on Mother’s Day and since then we’ve organised the fundraiser every two months or so.”

Liz also accepts book donations on the day. “People really want to help however they can right now, and there’s a lot of pressure with the cost of living increasing so that you can’t necessarily make big donations. But in this way, people are clearing out their shelves, they’re feeling productive and they’re also donating €10 at the door and leaving with books. So it’s a nice merging of those two worlds.”

Liz has raised over €2,500 but hopes to hit the goal of €5,000 by the end of the year.

“This will be our second outing at National College of Ireland – we had a really successful sale there last time, and are hoping that this time we’ll meet the target of sending €5,000 to the Irish Red Cross in Ukraine.”

You will be asked to pay a single €10 donation at the door with no extra cost no matter how many books you carry away – this bring and buy formula is a win for sustainable reading!

If you can’t make it on the day, you can also donate online here.