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Arts Council Director’s Blog

Arts Council Director Maureen Kennelly lastest message share an update on the additional funding in 2021 and outlines how the Arts Council is working to ensure these vital supports get to the right places.

Speaking about the challenges the arts sector faced in 2020, Kennelly said “2020 and the impact of Covid-19 will be forever watermarked in our consciousness. But we will also remember 2020 for the way in which artistic experience became something of a sanctuary for the whole nation.”

She also confirms the council will be working tirelessly “to ensure that we open wide the gates to the highest quality artistic activity [ …and] provide practical assistance to people who may have found it challenging to access our supports in the past.”.

A new IT system will be introduced to streamline the application process and make communication easier, and increased investment will be directed at supporting freelance artists.

Read the full message here: www.artscouncil.ie/blog/directors-blog-25-november-2020/