Home News Free to download #BloomsdayAtHome activity packs

Free to download #BloomsdayAtHome activity packs

Celebrate #BloomsdayAtHome with free download activity pack for kids and adults!

Get the whole family involved this Bloomsday!
There is a fantastic 8-page activity book available from the good folks at the James Joyce Centre Dublin to help children to learn more about Bloomsday and James Joyce through maps, puzzles, fun facts and illustrations. Download here.

Something for the adults…For #Boomsday2020 the super team at AtItAgain.ie have created a special activity guide for you to celebrate Bloomsday at home. It is a fun way to discover James Joyce’s epic adventure, Ulysses. Find out what’s the story, sartorial tips on dressing up as an Edwardian lady or gent and things to do, eat and drink to party like it’s 1904. The activity guide is peppered with fun illustrations to get you into the spirit of Bloomsday. The guide will be available to download for free until the 16 June 2020. Download here.