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Bookshop Focus—Bridge Street Books, Wicklow

Bridge Street Books, Wicklow

How it started

We opened in 1999, when Hilary fulfilled her lifetime dream of owning a bookshop. When we expanded in 2006 Joanna was just home from travelling and in between jobs. She joined the business for a short period—and never left!

We have an enthusiasm and enjoyment of reading which we love to share; we diligently read reviews to help us stock as wide a range as possible to suit all reading tastes. We especially love to nurture a love of reading in children.

How it’s going

Great! We love what we do and whilst our online offering kept us open during 2020/21, we are delighted to be back to ‘normal’ – recommending and selling face to face again. There is nothing like personally recommending books to a fellow book lover!

We are delighted to have our adult book club up and running again and look forward to starting the rest of our events in September.

Where you’re headed

Precovid, we ran 4 bookclubs—three for adults, due to high demand, and a children’s club. We have one adult club up and running, and we are excited about restarting our Children’s book club again and also another club for adults—our Wednesday Club.

We are also planning on getting back to doing events. We are a big part of the community of Wicklow Town and we support local authors and regularly host book launches throughout the Winter months.

A book recommendation

Lessons in Chemistry, by Bonnie Garmus

An obvious choice at this stage maybe, as everyone is talking about it, but Hilary read it back in April and we have been recommending it ever since! A great summer read for anyone who likes literature and fancies something light, or just fancies a great summer read!