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Fiction Editing Course with Niamh Mulvey

Fiction Editing Course with Niamh Mulvey 12th April 

Publishing Ireland has announced the dates for a Fiction Editing course with Niamh Mulvey. The course, which is in three parts, will be held on the 13th, 20th and 27th May and is available to book now here.

This course will provide an overview of fiction editing, commercial and literary, including how to assess a piece of writing, developing strategies on character development, maintaining voice and tips on how to communicate feedback with an author.

This course is for editors interested in working in fiction but would also be of interest to those whose experience is predominantly in the content and copy creation for marketing and publicity purposes who want to expand into publishing and fiction arenas. 

Over three days participants will learn what’s different about Editing Fiction and cover areas such as categories of fiction, timelines and other plot grids, characterisation recording, marking up dialogue, continuity of plot and using a style sheet.

Please note that this is NOT a creative writing course so will be unsuited to authors wishing for information on how best to edit their own work.

SPEAKER – Niamh Mulvey

Niamh Mulvey is a writer and freelance editor. She spent ten years working in-house in the UK publishing industry, in children’s fiction and adult literary fiction. She now works with individual writers as a freelance editor and writing coach.

Niamh’s work has appeared in the Irish TimesThe Bookseller, The Stinging Fly, Image Magazine, Banshee and The Pool. Her short story collection Hearts and Bones will be published by Picador in 2022 and her debut novel, The Amendments, will follow in 2023. She also writes a newsletter about the money side of the publishing business called In the Read.