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Flash Fiction—top ten stories announced

Announcing our top ten flash fiction entries

We are delighted to announce the ten stories which will feature in our Flash Fiction series.

It was wonderful to read all your stories, which came from far and wide, covering subjects philosophical, comical, theatrical, mythological and technological, in all kinds of forms and styles.

There was a huge range of subjects this year—and while the influx of pandemic writing has stemmed its flow, stories were more concerned than ever about the direction our world is taking.

The anxiety of our times was clear in this round’s submissions, but there was also laughter, small conversations that make the world a brighter place, and lessons to be found in creatures big and small.

Each of the top ten stories will be published in Books Ireland—and in addition each of the ten winners will receive a €30 gift card from National Book Tokens.

Congratulations to all ten writers, and to those on the shortlist!

Top Ten Flash Fiction

Small Lanterns, by Beth Kilkenny

Haunted, by Claire Hennessy

The Folly, by Sheena Power

The Reminiscing of a Student House, by Lorna McGrath

The Life and Times of Steve McQueen, by Jennifer McMahon

Warmth, by Fiona McKay

The Scar That Runs Through Your Bottom Lip, by Alison Wassell

Klepto’s Week, by Bryan Conlon

Woodlice Lessons, by Claire Kieffer

The Food Truck, by Terry Kerins


How Not to Break Up in Paris, by Emma Phillips

Bittersweet Caroline, by Paul Lenehan

Sister-in-Law, by Ciaran Buckley

Corpsing, by Dara Kavanagh

Anger to Order, by Séamus Mcnally

Angel Wing, by Judy Darley

Rosa at Garryvoe, January 22, by Susan Lanigan

Cold, by Christina Hession

All the Cunning Weapons of a Ninja, by Jennifer McMahon

Final Answer, by Hugh Bradley

Presto, by Matthew Walsh

Mini Break, by Catherine Crichton

Existential Dread in a Pub Toilet, by Milly Burke Cunnigham

Now, I Am, by Luke Condon

How to Write Plain English, by Chris Cottom

Failed Attempt, by Daragh Flemming

His Ravenous Hope, by Malina Douglas