Home News HarperCollins Ireland acquires The Money Mentor, by Santis O’Garro

HarperCollins Ireland acquires The Money Mentor, by Santis O’Garro

HarperCollins Ireland has acquired Santis O’Garro’s The Money Mentor

HarperCollins Ireland has acquired Santis O’Garro’s The Money Mentor, a no-nonsense guide to personal finance. Catherine Gough, Commissioning Editor at HarperCollins Ireland bought world all language rights from Santis O’Garro. The Money Mentor will be published on January 5th, 2023.

In December 2018, Santis O’Garro found herself in a dire situation: a newly single mother in €15k of debt, with bills mounting and no one to turn to for help. Something had to change.

The only option was to face her bad financial habits so she could get out of debt – and fast. A year later, she had not only eradicated her debt, but was also financially secure enough to quit her job and pursue a new career.

Here, she shows you how to change your money mindset so you can live a debt-free life too. Like on Santis’ popular Instagram account, The Caribbean DubThe Money Mentor has the advice and personal insight to help readers understand and manage their money.

“Money is something that I have had different views on,” says Santis O’Garro. “I’ve loathed it, worshipped it, discarded it, depended on it, respected it, and now I guide it.  I’ve been sharing my financial journey with my Instagram followers for years, and I’m delighted to be able to write a book that puts all of that knowledge in one place.

“Few of us are taught how to manage our money, so the fact that people can learn from my experience of becoming debt-free makes me incredibly proud. I’m so happy to be working with HarperCollins Ireland to get The Money Mentor out there to those who need it most.”

Catherine Gough says she is really pleased to be working with Santis O’Garro to publish such an essential book.

“Financial wellness is so important, yet achieving it can be overwhelming and often feel out of reach. Santis is a powerhouse of advice and practical guidance, and her personal story of working her way out of debt is inspirational. She has truly walked the walk, and I’m delighted that she is sharing her invaluable expertise in The Money Mentor.”