Home Events Book launch: A Letter Marked Personal, Oct 17, Books Upstairs.

Book launch: A Letter Marked Personal, Oct 17, Books Upstairs.

Book launch: Thursday 17 October, 6.30PM. Books Upstairs, 17 D’Olier Street.

About the book:

‘On his final bow, A Letter Marked Personal sees J.P. Donleavy at his finest. Ever a master of his craft, we are honoured to once again enjoy and savour his savage, jocular prose and divine insights into the most absurd thing of all: the human condition.’  Johnny Depp

A Letter Marked Personal is J.P. Donleavy’s last novel, begun in 1993 when he was seventy-three and completed in 2007. It is the third in what Donleavy called his New York stories, preceded by The Lady Who Liked Clean Rest Rooms (1996) and Wrong Information Is Being Given Out at Princeton (1998). These independent tales are all set in Donleavy’s hometown. Each carried the subtitle ‘The Chronicle of One of the Strangest Stories Ever to be Rumoured About Around New York’. The novel with an afterword by Bill Dunn, editor of The Ginger Man Letters is out Oct 17th.

This portrait of a flawed Anglophile delineates the American Dream, from aspirational greed to the vanity of human wishes. This poignant story of Nathan’s rise and demise speaks for the everyman – an apt farewell from one of literature’s true originals.

For more info on the book, visit: https://www.lilliputpress.ie/product/a-letter-marked-personal