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Poetry: Moyra Donaldson

photo credit Ruth McKee

“…a poem is a way of happening, a mouth.” (W.H. Auden)




In the Year of Not Caring


I discovered that I like my body even yet,

how it opens into itself in the light.

I remembered all of it, concavity,

convexity, bones and skin and heart.


I still wanted some thunderous justice,

some knife to the guts of them, some

deadly blow, though I made efforts

to show kindness, to keep 

my judgements to myself.


I discovered an old book of longing;

a list that keeps growing.

I wasn’t one person and never had been. 

I talked myself out of things.


I still wanted some bell-like truth

ringing. I wanted the spirits to reveal

themselves and speak clearly for once;

ghosts of starvation, of blood, walking

the streets of the town, crying.


In the Year of not Caring is from Carnivorous, (Doire Press).

She recognizes the capacity of language to transform ourselves, to chart a region where ‘Rivers and land and self and time/flow through each other.’—Ciaron Carson.

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