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New books for June—First Flush is out!

See all upcoming new books for June

First Flush is our fully searchable listings of all Irish-published, Irish-authored and Irish-interest books released every month. 

Want to see what’s hot in fiction? We’ve got you covered. Want to search for an esoteric book about fossils on the Irish coastline? Use the keyword search and you never know what you might find.

From politics to best-selling children’s books, our listings cover everything and anything Irish related, from authors and publishers in Ireland to an Irish-interest book in Newfoundland, it’s all here (well, we do our best).

What’s new in June?

Climb with Charlie (Merrion Press), €18.95

This book hardly needs an introduction, the cover alone probably tells you all you need to know about this important and heart-lifting book about a truly unforgettable day.

Scoring Goals in the Dark, by Clare Shine (Pitch Publishing) €24.99

As a young footballer, Clare Shine seemed to have it all. By 19, she was a full-time professional and a senior international, but was also addicted to alcohol, had experimented with drugs and attempted suicide. This is the story of a girl struggling to find her identity, a journey in search of confidence and self-belief and a remarkable recovery.

Factory Girls, by Michelle Gallen (John Murray), €19.95

In a small town on the Irish border Maeve and her two friends have just secured summer jobs in the local shirt factory. They plan to make as much money as they can while waiting for their A Level results before getting out of town and away to the UK.

As the summer progresses and the marching season begins, tensions in the factory start to rise between the Catholic and Protestant workforce and events escalate putting Maeve’s chance of escape in jeopardy.

Chameleon Dad, by Debbie Thomas (Little Island), €9.99

When Connie gets a letter from the dad she thought was dead, she sets out to discover why he left her, eight years ago, sitting in an airport café with only her pet chameleon for company.

Since then she’s lived with her foster mum, a cleaner at the airport, and dreams of seeing her dad again.

With her new friend, a fearless, fossil-hunting boy called Thyo, she tracks her dad down. But as he reveals his true colours, Connie starts to wonder if she’s made the biggest mistake of her life.

Great Hatred:The Assassination of Sir Henry Wilson MP, by Ronan McGreevy, Faber, £20

A gripping investigation into one of Irish history’s greatest mysteries, Great Hatred reveals the true story behind one of the most significant political assassinations to ever have been committed on British soil.

These are just a handful of new books coming out this month—why not have a browse through June and even take a look back at previous months to see if something catches your interest. First Flush—books from Ireland and all over the world.