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New Collaboration between UCD Press and the University of Chicago Press

UCD Press is delighted to announce a new distribution, sales and marketing partnership with the University of Chicago Press. UCD Press joins an illustrious list of over 100 international scholarly presses that are currently served by UCP. UCD Press is the first Irish press to join the list.

University of Chicago Press is the largest and one of the oldest North American university presses. With a special focus on producing books that promote education, foster public understanding and enrich cultural life, UCP are at the forefront of academic publishing. They have a strong sales department and wide-reaching marketing and distribution wings. UCD Press publishes contemporary scholarly writing in a broad range of subjects including history, literary studies, music, science and more recently migration studies, gender studies, and a special focus on Irish Studies.

This new venture will greatly enhance UCD Press’s presence in the North American academic market – ensuring every UCD Press title is adequately sold, distributed and marketed on both sides of the Atlantic. The new relationship will further allow our current authors to build on their profiles across the Atlantic and encourage authors from further afield to publish with us. Finally, the alliance will further enhance University College Dublin’s name as a leading research university of international standing.