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Poetry Ireland Review—guest editors revealed

Guest editors of Poetry Ireland Review and Trumpet have been revealed

Poetry Ireland has revealed the guest editors of Poetry Ireland Review for 2023.

Maurice Riordan, Annemarie Ní Churreáin, and Nidhi Zak / Aria Eipe will each steer the Spring, Summer, and Winter issues, with William Keohane editing Trumpet, an annual pamphlet carrying reviews, opinions and essays on poetry and the writing life by newer voices.

The most recent edition of Poetry Ireland Review is a powerful, beautiful volume dedicated to the life and work of Eavan Boland, edited by Nessa O’Mahony.

Spring edition

Maurice Riordan‘s most recent collection is Shoulder Tap (Faber 2021).

He says that Poetry Ireland Review is one of the few places left that properly values good poems and good critical writing, and that it’s a pleasure and a privilege to be reading for the spring edition.

“I’m enjoying sifting through the poetry submissions. Editors often refer to their inbox as ‘the slush pile’, but really it is in fact the editor’s friend. It’s there one finds the unexpected, the assured new voice or the surprising new tune from an old one, or just a fresh look at some aspect of the world.”

Summer edition

Annemarie Ní Churreáin

Annemarie Ní Churreáin‘s most recent collection is The Poison Glen (Gallery Press).

She says it’s an honour to be guest editor for the summer edition.

“As I set out on this journey, I’m grateful for the work of previous editors and contributors, for the dedication of the staff at Poetry Ireland, and for the long tradition of fine writing that continues to flower through the pages of Poetry Ireland Review. The path ahead is lit!” 

Winter edition

Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe‘s first collection is Auguries of a Minor God (Faber).

She says that Poetry Ireland’s pillars and people have been a second home.

“Its legendary editors made me feel like I belonged to that lyrical world of words long before I ever quite believed it myself. I look forward to felicitating the possibility of poetry, to working with poets who are consistently expanding the palette of language and the arc of perception—and to exploring the singular kinds of astonishment that contemporary poetry might introduce or incorporate which moves it, and us, to places anew.”

Trumpet 11, edited by Dr Tapasya Narang, is an examination of poetic ephemera in all its shapes and forms. Among its contributors are Kit Fryatt writing on queerness in the zine-scene, Arvind Krishna Mehrotra writing on the poetic imagination, and an in-conversation between Grace Wilentz and Róisín Power Hackett, co-editors of SEED. 


William Keohane is widely published in journals, and his poems appear in Queering the Green, an anthology of post-2000 Queer Irish poetry (Lifeboat Press).

He says that it’s a privilege to edit Trumpet 12, which will explore the theme of crossing.

“The prefix trans as in translation, means across, over, or beyond. This issue of Trumpet will highlight poetry, essays, and artwork which attempt to cross over, that bridge and blur definitional boundaries.

Trumpet 12 will also explore the act of erasure or crossing out, highlighting voices that are often excluded and proving insights into the language that we lose in and through translation. Most writing is, at a basic level, an arrangement of lines. This issue will question how we approach the line, what exists beyond it, and how we might cross, bend, or break it.” 

Current and back issues of Poetry Ireland Review and Trumpet are available here.