Profiles—fresh faces in new literary journal

Profiles is a new literary journal with a focus on character

Ireland has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to literary journals, and now joining the likes of Tolka, Channel, Sonder Magazine and The Liminal Review comes something with an interesting slant.

Profiles is a literary journal with a focus on character—whether that’s fiction, non-fiction, or visual art.

“We’re interested in publishing character studies,” says deputy editor Djamel White, “we love writing that channels the author’s insatiable curiosity about other people (or their talent for self-reflection), is empathetic without bordering on apologia, and shows human nature as it is, not necessarily as it should be.”


Profiles was set up by editor Clare Healy, a content editor at Lonely Planet, deputy editor Djamel White, a publishing assistant at New Island Books and an incoming MFA in Creative Writing student in UCD, and art editor Sarah Sturzel, an MA student of Literary Translation in Trinity College Dublin.

Profiles welcomes character-driven fiction and non-fiction — both original work and work in translation — under 8,000 words.

The editors say that they set up the journal with “the aim of establishing a literary journal that is both niche and all-embracing – though the primary focus of each piece will be character rather than narrative or style, we’re open to submissions of writing across all genres. We believe that poignant observations about human behaviour can emerge in any kind of story, from the real to the surreal.” 

Visual media

Profiles is also seeking portraiture across all visual media which can appear in print.

“We’re open to experimental twists on the definition of ‘portrait’ — we want to see a vibrant personality, however you’ve captured it.”

The submission window for Profiles opens on the 22nd of April. You can find out more on their website, on Instagram, and on Twitter.