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What’s coming out this month? See First Flush for all new titles!

First Flush—February 2022

First Flush is the Books Ireland selection of all Irish-published and Irish-interest books released every month. Now fully searchable.

Some highlights this month include:

The Colony, by Audrey Magee (Faber) €14.99

Listen out for Audrey Magee, who is the next guest on Burning Books!

Maraid watches her son, James, striding out across the grass, a bottle of milk for each of their visitors in hand. Her mother-in-law still knits socks for men who will never wear them. The visitors are here to paint, to record, to celebrate – so they say – this island and its purity, the language all but vanished across the water.

How to Gut a Fish, by Sheila Armstrong (Bloomsbury) €14.99

A dazzling and disquieting collection of stories, How to Gut a Fish places the bizarre beside the everyday and then elegantly and expertly blurs the lines.

It Could Never Happen Here, by Eithne Shortall (Corvus) €14.99

A warm, witty and relatable story of life on the front line of parenting, perfect for fans of Motherland and Catastrophe.

The Gifts That Bind Us, by Caroline O’Donoghue (Walker Books) €9.99

A spellbinding supernatural teen drama – and sequel to All Our Hidden Gifts.

Again, Rachel, by Marian Keyes (Michael Joseph) €14.99

Twenty-five years after the iconic, 1.5 million-copy bestseller Rachel’s Holiday burst into our lives, Rachel’s BACK!